Anti Wrinkle Night Face Cream

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Anti Wrinkle Night Face Cream

This shiny black olive contains your new night-time partner. It will leave your skin silky smooth and visibly nourished. 

Rich in hydrating agents and with the super anti-wrinkle component dipalmytol droxyproline, this night cream also uses edelweiss flower extract to tone and moisturize your facial skin while you sleep. The little white alpine flower features amazing natural defence and skin rejuvenating properties; these are combined with organic shea butter to help treat signs of skin aging. Skin and lips regain volume, suppleness and original tone. 

Apply in the evening on clean and dry skin starting in small movements from the centre of your face getting longer as you reach the sides. Applied in this manner, you not only reinforce the skin care but you also massage the stress of your day away, using the power of plants.

Product Size: 50ml